Skills To Play Online Sports Betting Singapore At CMD368 bookie

Accurate Knowledge Of Singapore Football Betting Rules

Everyone wants to win when playing football, and certainly you are not an exception. And to achieve that, players need to learn the rules of football betting in order to become a sharp handicap player.

  • If a player bets the 1st half then the match result will only count for that period. If the result of the 1st half is abandoned then all relevant bets will be void.

  • If the 2nd half result is abandoned then 1st half bets will still be valid and normal.

  • In the event of a match being postponed or suspended within 12 hours, the automatic match will be void.

  • In football betting, CMD368 Bookie will publish information about the ball such as the field, the performance of the two teams, the time of the match, ...

  • The result of a ball match is valid for 90 minutes of official play, plus extra time.

  • CMD368 Bookie or Sbobet Bookie will not count overtime results (except under exceptional circumstances).

  • Match scores are always updated in real time by online sports betting Singapore.

Players can only know the final score when the match is over. For live betting, bets will be rejected automatically when the referee blows the whistle to end the match.

Some Of the Basic Rights Of Soccer Betting Players:

The bettor has the right to convert the wagering amount in his account to cash as needed, if the withdrawal conditions have been met (these conditions vary depending on the casino policy).

Players enjoy legitimate rights such as personal information security, bank accounts, ...

Players are required to abide by the betting terms offered by the casino. If violated, your account will be locked permanently.

Circumstances Not Allowed To Participate In Soccer Betting:

  • People under 18 years old.

  • People with psychological or mental problems.

  • People with business activities related to football bookmakers.

  • The person is serving a sentence, is facing criminal prosecution or detoxification.

Outstanding Advantages Of Online Football Betting:

  • Convenience, simplicity, ease: As long as your Smartphone and / or computer has internet, you can bet anywhere.

  • Players are free to consult and choose the ideal bookie for themselves.

  • Players are satisfied with a variety of betting forms such as European markets, Asian markets, Over / Under markets.

  • High odds, easy to identify markets to improve your chances of winning.

  • Enthusiastic and enthusiastic consulting staff, operating 24/7.

  • Player information is absolutely confidential.

Master Some Common Betting Terms:

  • 24 Hour Rule - Many reputable bookmakers have rules that if a match is postponed, bets will be void if the match is postponed for more than 24 hours, and if the match is postponed for 24 hours, the game will continue.

  • 90 Minute Betting - This is used when placing a bet on an individual player. And if that player does not appear in the match, that bet is considered void.

  • Accumulator - Ball betting form consisting of a series of single markets combined together.

  • Correct Score - Bet on the exact score of the match.

  • Draw No Bet - If the match result is a draw, you can get back the money you bet on.

  • Extra time - Time to play extra time.

  • Full Time - Time of the whole match, the end of the match.

  • Handicap - This is a betting method used when a team has a clear position and advantage.

  • Half Time - Time of the first half (first half of the match).

  • Lose Full - Lose enough money or lose money.

  • Lose Half - Lose half money.

  • Odds - The odds in a certain handicap.

  • PEN - Penalty or penalty shootout.

  • Scorecast - This is a form of prediction for both the first scored goal and the correct score of the match.

  • Stake - The amount you wager on a single ball handicap.

How To Bet Over / Under Football:

If you want your win rate to be higher and avoid risk, you must pay attention to the following 3 things:

  • Choosing the match to bet is the most important thing. You should bet on a team that is performing well and has a solid defense. You should also compare the strength of the two teams and consult reputable sports sites' pre-match reviews. Ball markets where two teams have a strong and even defense are potential matches to bet on.

  • You must understand how to bet on over / under football, concepts such as reading odds, what is over / under. Besides, you must always update yourself with information about how to play. About football teams to make an informed decision.

  • In particular, you should only play poor football betting at reputable casinos to avoid being scammed.


Like other online betting games, soccer betting has a strong appeal to players. Currently online casinos in Singapore offer a wide variety of soccer odds with attractive odds. Even a beginner, just looking at the basics of betting can get started. CMD368 bookie is updated every day with many exciting soccer matches, players quickly visit CMD368 or Bet365 to choose their favorite match.